Certification committee rules

(Unofficial translation)

1. Committee duties

The duty of the committee is to grant sport and exercise psychology certificates as well as certificates for mental coaching and enhancement of physical activity. Certificates can be awarded after a valid application to a psychologist or to a person with other relevant academic education.

The committee determines the criteria for certification and handles all application on individual basis. The committee either accepts the application and grants the certification or informs the applicant why the application was declined. The committee highlights and aims towards clarity and openness in the criteria of certification.

The committee can also cancel or withdraw already awarded certificate if the person fails to follow the occupational ethical rules stated in the criteria.

2. Committee composition and approach

The members of the committee are nominated every third year by the board of the Finnish Psychological Association. The committee can have maximum of 6 members. The members are professionals of sport psychology and mental coaching. The committee is quorate if the president and at least two other members are present. The president and the secretary are nominated by committee members.

The committee is summoned by the president or the secretary and the meetings are held when needed. In addition to a traditional meeting, meetings can also be held over the phone or internet. A record must be kept on every meeting. The records are stored in the premises of the Finnish Psychological Association.

The committee is bound to give a decision within three months from receiving an application. The committee can also send a request for further clarification on the matter. The committee has another three months to make a decision after receiving the clarification.

3. Certification fees

The committee decides the amount of the fee every year. At the moment the fee is 100€ per certificate. Certification is valid maximum of five years after which it can be extended.

4. Committee expenses and payment of certification fees

The committee members will receive travelling expenses plus other possible expenses. The Finnish Psychological Association collects all the certification fees.             

5. Documentation of certification decisions

An up to date list of awarded certifications is kept according to the committee’s decisions. The committee is responsible of keeping the register in the office of data protection supervisor.

6. Changing the rules

The Finnish Psychological Association is responsible of these rules and possible changes.